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Fan Page Domination Bonuses and Reviews

Fan page domination is a well-designed internet marketing course which has been created by Anthony Morrison. It reveals how to use Facebook fan page pages to create a large amount of traffic, create a huge email list and generate a steady flow of income.

In this review, we will look at Anthony Morrison’s profile, main content in this program and give some of the benefits offered to the internet marketer.

Overview of the program

The authors training course gives you a wider view on how certain features of Facebook can assist you to create the post that can go viral and generate a large number of page views, likes, shares, and links over a short period of time. In this course, you will discover a four stage way that can be used to attract as many followers as you can get like the author has done with his Facebook travel page. There will be guide lines through visible example and a real Facebook page as for how these principals can be understood an implemented. These stages have been explained in easy to follow step whereby Morrison leads you through one stage to the other until you arrive at a point where you start making the stable income from your thank you page.

Who is Anthony Morrison?

The aim of knowing the author in person and why one should pay attention to what he recommends is that Anthony is a successful internet marketer how has used his entrepreneurial skills to create a flourishing business. One of his company known as Morrison publishing is responsible for the subscription and delivery of this training course. Anthony, unlike other internet marketers who do not reveal the true secrets behind their success, is open and transparent about this program. He hereby uses his own page as an example and therefore giving you a reason to trust the program. The page he uses has thousands of follower and new fans joining every now and then. More people get to see the post that Morrison fans help him by sharing. By this, he continues to create more traffic and builds a massive email list. All these results have been generated without spending a huge amount of money that is spent on Facebook ads. Over 200,000 followers have subscribed to his email list. He gives you the freedom to investigate the page to see how it works.

How the program works

As stated above this marketing course is divided into four distinct phases. Anthony shows you how to systematically move from phase 1 to 4:

Phase one – Creating your page: In this stage of the training course, Morrison reveals how to build an attractive Facebook page. He illustrates by using the page he setup for one of his hobbies as an example. One will also learn how to install auto-res ponders and surveys to ascertain that you get the maximum merits of this marketing method. In his page, he outlines clearly and makes it look easy to create your own page.

Phase two – Build and grow: At this stage, he show you how to post content that will attract many viewers and get many likes, shares and go viral in a short period of time. This is a crucial stage because you need to have a lot of people sharing your content so that you can generate much revenue when you decide to monetize your content.You will also discover the need to invest our time and effort in your content at your current stage instead of rushing to make quick cash with a small fan base. It is important and that’s why Morrison shows you why you must establish a relationship with your fans through the content you post. This content should be of high quality so that your fans can trust you hence buy products and services from you in future.

Phase three – Scale and launch: On arrival at this stage Morrison shows you all you need to know about a powerful Facebook key feature known as Facebook live. You will come to discover how this can be used as a tool to get thousands of viewers to watch a single video you post at the same time. In fact, he goes further and shows several statistics that prove that he once had up to 300,000 viewers of his video at the same time.

Phase four – monetizing and profit: This is no doubt the best part of the training course. At this stage, you will be taught all the tips and tricks needed to generate a steady flow of revenue from your page, email list and thank you page. You will learn the power of creating contests with adorable prices. Morrison has setup a good example on his travel page with a price, which allowed the winner to have a free travel ticket. The technique used is effective and powerful. Also, you will learn how to set up your business whether you run a barbershop, grocery store or a purely online business.

Finally, you will learn how to earn money on your thank you page after your subscribers opt in. As he explains this might be done with Google ads and various techniques.

Benefits of the program

The following include some of the main advantages of taking this course but are not limited to learning:

· Techniques that enable one to generate quality content that will attract high no of views and go viral.

· How to make consistent income from your page.

· How to make full use of Facebook live to attract thousands of viewers at the same type hence enabling one overcome fear.

· How to create a massive list that contains hundreds of thousands of subscribers

· How to create a Facebook account and generate income.


In this review, we have closely examined the various key aspects of this powerful internet marketing course. This program has the potential to help you discover and build a big Facebook fan base if you put your effort and time. You will be able to build an extensive email list and generate a steady flow of income derived from your thank you page.in addition; the technique revealed and used in this program can work for any situation as demonstrated by the examples used by Anthony Morrison. It is hereby worth investing in since you will have a chance to enjoy the continuous tutoring of the author.


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Fanpage Domination Review


The 21st century is going through a digital revolution, to say the least. Businesses are going online worldwide. And thus, digital marketing has also been on the rise.

Digital marketing methods could include display advertisements, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing and many others.

According to data, Facebook is one of the leading three websites in terms of global traffic. In 2015, Facebook had about an average of 126 million unique users while Youtube had around 97 million unique users the same time! This very much illustrates the present dominance of the internet on the current generation.

There has developed a need for people to learn about the basics and concepts of all sorts of digital marketing techniques. From this, in turn, various courses and training sessions have come up to build the much-needed platform, knowledge base and environment for the online markets to thrive. Businessmen and entrepreneurs are coming forward to help achieve the same.
About Anthony Morrison: Anthony Morrison is a celebrated speaker and author who has been featured in Los Angeles Times, CNN, FOX9 and others. He is also a self-taught and proficient entrepreneur. He started his first business at the age of twenty-one while being a full-time student all by himself. And ever since, his career has grown exponentially.

He now helps people realize their entrepreneurial dreams through books, online sessions and courses developed from knowledge, learnings and experience from his personal endeavor. He developed eleven successful companies all on his own and faced a lot of hurdles in the process.

So that now he is very well-versed with the possible attributes of online businesses, internet marketing and leveraging profits from these. He developed his courses to channel his knowledge and experience to fellow entrepreneurs facing the same troubles. And he is a dedicated teacher too. He continues to motivate and inspire his students and followers.

About Morrison’s Fanpage Domination Course: This course aims to teach beginners or assist experts to optimize their available options and resources on the pages for profit making.

Needless to say, courses such as these require utmost interest, effort, time and dedication. The course can be broken up into smaller steps: – It begins with setting up a Facebook page of one’s interest. Includes putting up Auto-Responders, Surveys, etc to make the most out of the page.

– Next Morrison teaches you as to how to post and what to post in the page to make it go viral. This step is essential as it is the very basis on which the fan base will grow.

– Morrison next teaches you to use the feature of Facebook Live. Using this option you can reach out to almost 300,000 viewers simultaneously with no cost on your part!

– Now, this is the most awaited step of all. The part where you can generate revenues. Morrison teaches you numerous tactics and tricks to make money from your page.

– You can also generate a huge mailing list from your page and again, at zero cost on your own.